“I had my portfolio with one of the major financial advisory firms and did not feel that they were managing my portfolio in a manner that would have me ready for my planned retirement in 6 to 8 years.

Their focus was on mutual funds for growth, and they continued to assure me I had time to recover from any downturns in the market, despite my concerns. I usually listened to their radio show on Saturdays while cutting grass and one Saturday I switched stations to Tim’s show instead.

I realized that his information regarding retirement and retirement income, especially the “I” part of the “TR=I+G” formula, was the retirement planning method I was looking for. I set an appointment, and the rest is history.

We met with Tim, listened to his recommendations for our retirement plans, went over his projections with him, and realized that his advice and plan fit exactly into our retirement goals.

We transferred our portfolios to Tim’s group and have been with him for over 4 years and could not be happier; our portfolios are generating the level of income as projected and, since I have not retired yet, the returns are being reinvested.  In addition to not only being the best financial advisor that we have had over our careers, Tim has also become a close friend.”

– Mike C.

Mike C

“I would wholly recommend Tim Sparks. Tim has been my financial advisor for a number of years now and has been absolutely brilliant. He has guided me through developing my retirement financial plans including the setup of my retirement paycheck once I hang up my long-time career using the income method. In summary he has made my money successfully work hard for me.

The income method of generating a retirement paycheck has worked out brilliantly for me. The concept of generating income from your portfolio is an old theme – but rarely is it actually used in today’s go-go market. Most [advisors] try to artificially generate income thru selling shares, which eventually leads to reverse dollar cost averaging by selling more shares when the market is down, which is devastating to you. Stick with a proven way to generate long term income through income producing investments. This method just simply works!!!!!!”

– John M.

John M.

“For the first time working with a financial advisor, I feel confidence and trust in leaning on the advice received. Tim takes the time to understand my individual financial situation and goals and takes even more time to educate me in a way that I can rest assured that my finances are in good hands. I simply do not brood over the state of the economy or world as it relates to my financial future. Tim has put those concerns to rest, and I am finally at peace with my investments.”

– Dr. James B.

Dr. James B.