People today are living longer, healthier lives than ever. Some manage to make it through their 80s and 90s still living wholly independent lives. We all want to think that will be us, but you can’t count on it.

According to a recent study, about 70% of Americans who live past 65 will require some form of managed long-term care.[1] It may be temporary to recover from an illness or injury, or it could be a more permanent situation in the later years of your life. In either case, there are two important reasons to prepare:

  • One, you’ll want to have options for the type and quality of care you receive
  • Two, it will be costly

Long-term care will be expensive if you need it five years from now, but far more expensive if you need it 10 or 20 years from now. That’s because healthcare inflation rises much faster than the general inflation rate. Long-term care that costs $300,000 per year now while you are in your 60s could cost more than twice that by the time you need it in your 80s or 90s.

The bottom line is that although you may not want to think about the possibility of needing a long-term care strategy, it is essential to address the possibility long before you need it. That’s why we will help educate you about all the options available to help you plan for your long-term care needs, such as long-term care & assisted living insurance plans.