The Baby Boomer Dilemma Documentary

The Baby Boomer generation are people born between the years 1946 and 1964. What happened after those years to make retirement different from the Silent Generation’s retirement?

Tim Sparks has been helping people with their retirement income for 20 years. While being thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced in America’s financial climate, trends are starting to hint that pensions and Social Security will not be as reliable as they used to be. It’s never been more important to be proactive and knowledgeable of every retirement income option.

This informative documentary shows the current state of the Baby Boomer Dilemma and what pre-retirees can do to help plan for a better retirement income.

A Thorough Look Into The Baby Boomer Movie, Preserving Your Retirement Income

The Baby Boomer Dilemma film goes over the circumstances and conditions that brought retirement to the challenge it is today. Elaborating on the not as talked about downsides of 401(k)s and what will happen if/when Social Security runs out. Retirement planning has newer risks than it did for our grandparents, but that is in no way to say that the Baby Boomer Dilemma will prevent retirees from living the retirement they want. The film provides clear advice from a roster of economic analysts.

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This film features the nation’s top economic minds, government leaders, and industry analysts discussing the complexities baby boomers are experiencing with retirement in our current economy.

Analysts Featured in the Baby Boomer Dilemma Documentary

Movie Features:

  • Robert Merton, Ph.D. (Nobel Prize winner)
  • David Walker (former US Comptroller General)
  • Mike Gallagher (Trust Act bi-partisan commission)
  • Ted Benna (“Father of 401k”)
  • Edward Siedle (former SEC Attorney)
  • Sheryl Moore, Brett Kitchen, Ethan Kap, Barry James Dyke, Curtis Cloke, Eric Clioppa, Brigitte Madrian, David Babbel, Moshe Milevsky and many more!

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